Sort Of Functional Again, Kind Of

Well, hi! Hi. It's good to see you. I've been away from things webby, at least the ones about me personally, for a good while now.


But now I've stood up the rudiments of a sort of website again, since I feel a tiny bit like communicating with the public. In my own microscopic kind of way.

So yeah hi. If you were wondering where I've been, I'm here! I'm in Los Angeles. Things are fine. Where I'm NOT is Facebook, I killed my account there in 2015. It made me feel bad to be on there, and of course... well, we've learned a whole bunch about that site in the years since, haven't we.

I'm trying, in my dotage, to do fewer things that make me feel bad. I'm still sort of on Twitter, but mostly because there are people I DM with on there, and it's the only way I can communicate with them. I rarely tweet. Don't @ me.

My main creative outlet now is making paintings, in oil paint on various surfaces. Which I'm sure seems weird to those of you who knew me for musical endeavors. The truth is, I was drawing and painting constantly as I grew up, and on into my teens. By around age 15 I had discovered oil paint, and was really liking it.

And then a friend let me play his electric guitar real loud through an amp, and...

Well, after that I didn't so much as doodle for almost 30 years.

Three years ago I walked into a painting class on Ventura Blvd. Within a few weeks I was obsessed, and now making paintings is my main creative focus. I take classes as often as possible to improve and I have several paintings going in my "studio" (uh, my apartment in Hollywood). I post WIP photos of stuff I'm working on at Instagram. Follow me there (shawnfarleyart). No personal pics though, only art.

So the point is, I've returned to making images after a long time away, it's not some brand-new thing.

Will I return to making music? Possibly. I've recently started really practicing again, and I'm starting to get my stamina and strength back. About an hour a day I'm putting in. Where it goes? Dunno.

I'll slowly start building up the content over here, now that I've decided that using social media platforms as one's main web presence is a depressing dead end. Not sure if it's possible to restore all the stuff that used to be at (RIP). Man, there was a lot of blogging back in the day. I barely recognize the guy that did all that typing anymore.

Anyway. Good to chat with you. Thanks for reading this. See you back here soon.

Shawn Farley